The People's Place

I may be a long-time Floridian, but it took a while for me to discover this state landmark. :-) The Clark's Fish Camp in Jacksonville, FL. Wow. It was a great experience. The restaurant was hidden away in a residential area, but that didn't hinder the crowds from finding it.

The menu had everything from the regular fish fry and gator options to yak, kangeroo, eel, rabbit, antelope, ostrich, and a long list of other exotic meats. But the really good stuff was the prime rib stuffed portobella. (I know, right?)

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating on the river, a very local feel, and supposedly the largest private collection of taxidermy in the world. LOL. There was half a giraffe...no kidding. Who does that?! But it was definitely a memory. One I just might repeat sometime.

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Lisa Jordan said...

My FIL leaves outside of Jacksonville. I'll have to mention this spot to him.